Optimal Health and Wellness Through Nutrition

Cindy Mimó

MS, CNS, CDN, Nutrition Therapist

I’m Cindy Mimó and I am a Nutrition Therapist who incorporates aspects of yoga in my nutrition practice to promote body and mind wellness.

I support clients’ wellness by looking to root body functions, rather than temporary symptom management. As your personal nutritionist, I consider you, the unique individual, beyond any diagnosis, age or symptom.

I am a Connecticut state and board-certified nutritionist as well as a RYT-200 yoga instructor.

Contact me at: 860 888 6467

Email me at: cindy@MyLifeNutrition.com

If you are willing to make the commitment for your best wellness, I am willing to guide you.

  • Deena
    Cindy has been an integral part in all stages of my life over the past eight years. I've struggled with vertigo, fatigue, poor nutrition, hormonal issues and grief.

    Cindy helped me survive and thrive through all of these challenges with her vast knowledge of health, wellness, nutrition and her genuine compassion to help me feel better - what a blessing!
    Middletown, CT
  • Tami
    My energy level is like night and day after doing the detox program and vitamin therapy. The detox program was super easy and I saw major changes. I experience a restful sleep and loads of energy while awake!
    Colchester, CT
  • Michael
    After my doctor discovered low levels of vitamin D3 due to my celiac disease, Cindy outlined the correct supplementation to helping me restore my low bone mineral density. I am and feel much stronger and healthier after her nutritional therapy.
    Hoboken, NJ
  • Carlos
    I’m happy to say that in less than 10 weeks, my HbA1C was at goal. Through nutritional therapy, my blood glucose levels are now under control again.
    Hebron, CT