There is no rush in your consultations with Cindy.
She values her professional nutrition services and she will value and honor your time with her.

1How much time should I plan to spend with Cindy during my first appointment?
My initial nutrition therapy consultation is a 90 minute complete personal nutrition assessment. In your consultation, I will listen, ask questions, and fully assess your unique needs.
2What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?
Prior to your consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed nutrition and health history, in order to make the best use of time during your session.
3What should I expect during my consultation?
In your consultation, I will listen, ask questions, listen more and fully assess your unique needs.
4What forms of payment are accepted?
I do not participate in any insurance plans or networks, and I do not accept insurance for my services.

All fees for consultation services are payable, in full, at the time of your appointment by cash, check, Venmo, MasterCard or Visa.
5How is your service different from an appointment with a traditional practioner?
My nutrition therapy approach supports the whole person, beyond the limitations of any diagnosis, age or symptom.

My office is a relaxed environment, where my goal is that you will not be rushed and you will be heard.
6What if we need to make changes to my plan?
As your health and wellness improves, your nutrition protocol may need to be modified.

Often an initial protocol is implemented to achieve a health goal, followed by a maintenance plan.

As well, more complex nutrition protocols are often implemented in multiple phases to allow the body and the mind to adjust, which results in much better compliance and results long term.

I encourage slow, steady and lifelong changes which promote true health, rather than fast and temporary results.

I also encourage lifestyle elements to support the energetic balance of your whole body such as yoga, breathwork, meditation and allowing ourselves more time outside in nature.
7What is covered during follow-up appointments and how long are the sessions?
Follow-up appointments are 45-minutes and include a detailed review of what is working well for you, and what is not, so that together modifications can be made. Always the goal is helping you be successful.